🐹Hamster Kombat Daily Combo and Cipher July 10, 2024

🐹Hamster Kombat Daily Combo and Cipher July 10, 2024

Hamster Kombat has rolled out a thrilling new feature for its players: the Daily Cipher Morse code challenge. This unique addition to the game gives players the chance to scoop up an extra 1 million coins each day.

The Morse code challenge updates the game level automatically once completed, allowing players to quickly earn a significant coin bonus within few minutes.

How to Claim Your 1 Million Coins Today

Follow these straightforward steps to earn your daily bonus:

  1. Find the ‘Earn per tap’ Button: Look for this button positioned prominently at the top of the home screen.
  2. Activate Morse Code: Watch for the circle around your hamster to turn red—this signals that the Morse Code feature is now active.
  3. Input the Morse Code: You’ll interact directly with your hamster to enter the Morse code. Tap briefly on the hamster for a dot (•) and hold down for a dash (–).

Today’s Hamster Kombat Daily Combo and Cipher (July 10)

Today’s Secret Code: [GAS]

  • G: –• (dash dash dot)
  • A: •- (dot dash)
  • S: ••• (dot dot dot)
Hamster Kombat Daily Combo and Cipher July 10, 2024

Hamster Kombat listed on Bybit for Pre-Market Trading

On July 8, Bybit, a major crypto exchange, started allowing trades of Hamster tokens before being officially released.

This is part of a trend where exchanges let people buy and sell new tokens early.

As soon as these trades started, the value of Hamster tokens (HMSTR) increased dramatically.

The price started at just $0.001 and quickly rose to $0.1, with the highest price offered at an impressive $137.

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