Seint Makeup Controversy: Why Are Artists Angry? The Scenario Explained

Seint Makeup Controversy: Why Are Artists Angry? The Scenario Explained

Seint Makeup, which came into existence in 2013 and was created by Cara Brook, is in the news these days because, from October, it will do away with its multi-level marketing strategy and will adopt an affiliate-commission structure and program.

The move has been criticized by many associates of the brand.

However, why are the associates angry with the latest policy change? Read on to learn more about the raging controversy.

Before we get into the thick of this controversy, let us acquaint ourselves with what Seint Makeup is. Originally Maskcara Beauty, Seint Makeup was created to manufacture products that were simple and could be useful for all types of natural beauty.

The brand’s website says,

 “Helping others look beautiful is nice, but helping them believe they are beautiful is life-changing.”

The company manufactures an array of products, which include everyday beauty products like bronzer, highlight, contour, and palettes; moisturizer, cleanser, toner, makeup brushes, and more.

The reviews about Seint Makeup products are mixed. While some artists rate its products as exceptional, others contend that its range is horrible and does not justify the price it commands vis-à-vis its quality.

Now coming to the genesis of the controversy, Seint Makeup had introduced an artist program in 2017 with the tagline “Have your cake and eat it, too.” The program envisaged artists and influencers sharing the products they love and use with their audiences, thus creating a multi-level-marketing (MLM) business.

MLM is often considered a Ponzi scheme because of the pyramid-scheme recruiting process, but it is a marketing strategy companies employ to enlist distributors and encourage them to sell products and recruit new distributors.

However, Seint Makeup has decided to do away with the MLM setup, and this has angered artists who have been working with the brand for years.

The brand said in an Instagram post:

 “Artists will no longer receive compensation for recruiting or team-building efforts; instead, they will be exclusively rewarded through our affiliate program based on their dedication to sales and exceptional customer service.”

Even though the comments have been shut off on the post, artists have expressed their frustrations on other social media platforms.

Sarah Aulbrook, a Seint makeup artist, took her thoughts to TikTok and said,

 “A lot of people are emotionally in it right now, and it’s hard when you suddenly have your income ripped from underneath you.”

However, many artists are worried about how this sudden policy change will affect their income and careers.

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