Who is Celio Saab’s Girlfriend? Who Is the son of designer Elie Saab Dating?

Who is Celio Saab’s Girlfriend? Who Is the son of designer Elie Saab Dating?

Who is Celio Saab?

Ah, Celio Saab—a name that sounds like it belongs to a character in a high-budget spy thriller. But no, Celio is the real deal, the living, breathing son of international fashion powerhouse Elie Saab. Imagine growing up in a household where even the bathrobes are probably runway-ready. Celio has been making waves, not with a new collection of designer socks, but with some personal news that’s set social media ablaze.

Is Celio Saab Dating Anyone?

Yes, dear reader, Celio is off the market. Put away those DM drafts and tear up those love letters because Celio Saab has officially entered the world of taken men. But who’s the lucky lady? Did she win a beauty contest or a fashion trivia game? None of the above. It turns out, Celio has been quietly dating someone more than just a pretty face.

Who is Celio Saab’s Girlfriend?

Meet Zein Qutami, the woman who’s not only captured Celio’s heart but also managed to make headlines without a single scandalous tweet. Zein, whose name sounds like it should come with a royal title, is now officially Celio Saab’s fiancée. They didn’t just go public with a casual Facebook relationship status update. No, they did it the Saab way—via an Instagram story from Claudine Saab, Celio’s mother. That’s right, Celio’s mom spilled the tea (or should I say champagne?) with a selfie featuring the happy couple and a diamond ring that could double as a disco ball.

Celio Saab Family: Parents

In case you’ve been living under a fashion-less rock, Celio’s father is none other than Elie Saab. Yes, the Elie Saab, whose designs have graced everyone from royalty to A-list celebrities. The man who can make even a potato sack look glamorous. And let’s not forget Claudine Saab, the Instagram-savvy mom who knows how to make a moment go viral. With parents like these, it’s no wonder Celio’s engagement news is hotter than a summer runway in Milan.

Celio Saab Career

While Celio’s career might not yet be as glittering as his father’s gowns, he’s making his mark. Much like a well-tailored suit, Celio is a perfect blend of classic elegance and modern flair. While details about his professional life are as elusive as the secret to his father’s impeccable stitching, it’s safe to say that whatever Celio does, he does it with style.

Celio Saab: Height and Weight

In the grand tradition of knowing everything about celebrities, people are curious about Celio’s height and weight. While exact numbers are as hard to pin down as the perfect shade of lipstick, we can safely say that Celio is tall enough to reach the highest shelf in the wardrobe room and has a physique that suggests he doesn’t skip leg day. Not that we’re keeping track. Okay, maybe we are, but who can blame us?

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