“Homelander” Antony Starr Accused of Bullying Co-Star Dominique McElligott and Exhibiting Abusive Behavior on “The Boys” Set

“Homelander” Antony Starr Accused of Bullying Co-Star Dominique McElligott and Exhibiting Abusive Behavior on “The Boys” Set

Fans of Antony Starr were dismayed by his off-screen behavior, which had an uncanny resemblance to the characters he portrayed. Antony Starr stands accused of bullying co-star Dominique McElligott and has also been indicted for his abusive behavior on the set of ‘The Boys’. Damning evidence emerged from the Instagram account of VoughtHQ, suggesting his off-screen behavior is anything but honorable.

As per VoughtHQ, operating from a second account, an anonymous actor attached to ‘The Boys’ revealed that Starr ‘relentlessly’ bullied co-star Dominique McElligott (Queen Maeve). He also acted in an ungentlemanly manner with female staff members, to the extent that it forced one person to permanently leave the industry. The stories were also corroborated by alternative sources from the costume department.

Antony Starr was also involved in a well-documented event in Alicante, Spain, where he was arrested for assaulting a 21-year-old chef, Bathuel Araujo. Antony Starr had an altercation in a bar with the chef, which turned violent, with Starr hitting the chef on his head with a glass. Starr was slapped with a 12-month suspended sentence and a fine for the assault.

Netizens reacted in a divided way, with some decrying Starr for his actions while others supported the actor, saying the person who is leaking these stories has a personal vendetta against the actor.

One tweet stated, ‘So Antony Starr bullied Dominique McElligott on the set of ‘The Boys,’ and she left the industry due to this.’

Another tweet argued, ‘Vought HQ hates the cast and the show, which is why they’re leaking it.’

VoughtHQ is an Instagram account dedicated to posting ‘The Boys’ spoilers. However, that account is gone, and the latest allegations have been made through a backup account. On his part, VoughtHQ contended that he no longer wants to support the show’s creators given the recent developments, among other things.

However, considering the nature of the allegations and the sources, it is imperative to tread with caution. Knowing the veracity of the allegations is often challenging, and as the story starts to circulate on different platforms, we can only hope that someone from the ‘The Boys’ cast or McElligott herself will come clean on the whole episode.

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