Steve-O Gets ‘The Balls’ Tattooed on His Face by Post Malone

Steve-O Gets ‘The Balls’ Tattooed on His Face by Post Malone

Steve-O jumped the gun pretty high this time; now he’s all over the internet. Steve is known for his stunts on the show Jackass, which is highly regarded by people and is well-watched worldwide. So, Steve has turned 50 recently, and to celebrate his birthday, he wanted to get a tattoo, drawn by Post Malone.

Steve-O Gets ‘The Balls’ Tattoo

Post Malone was about to perform on stage and backstage they had already set up a tattoo setup. Steve mentioned that to celebrate his 50th, he’d want Post to draw a tattoo on his face. Post took the matter pretty seriously and got his hands dirty with it.

When Post was ready to paint his face, he asked what Steve wanted for his tattoo. Steve replied, ‘The balls’. Steve-O did joke a little when he said about the balls he wanted on his face, but Post got to work as soon as he heard the words. Like everyone knows Post, he did not take that as a joke and started drawing on his face anyway.

And surprise! The tattoo was exactly what Steve wanted, the phallus. Steve and Post did have a great laugh about it. Steve-O also mentioned that he is planning to keep the face tattoo for the rest of the 2024 tour. He said, “Find out how long I last before I tap out and get it lasered off.” Which is all set to start from Huntsville, Alabama, and will be until the end of August this year.

The tattoo might be a weird design on the face, but Steve-O and Post shared a great moment while he was drawing it on his face. Perhaps Steve and Post shared a great time during Steve’s 50th birthday and more to come!

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