Elon Musk Sexual Relationships With Former Female Employees Busted: WSJ Report in Limelight 

Elon Musk Sexual Relationships With Former Female Employees Busted: WSJ Report in Limelight 

The CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk, was reportedly involved in a sexual relationship with a former SpaceX intern and an employee. According to the Wall Street Journal, he later hired the intern onto his executive team as well. 

In another instance, the business tycoon also urged a woman working in his firm to bear his babies.

However, the woman refused.

After refusal, the employee was devoid of a salary hike.

Notably, Musk himself complained about the woman’s performance. 

These women are among several other female employees in the organization who have reported the same issue.

Other female employees have also claimed that the tech billionaire has pursued them romantically or showered them with extra attention. 

Claims of Former Employees

The intern disclosed to the WSJ that she met Musk in college for the first time.

Then, she approached Elon Musk with certain ideas to enhance SpaceX.

Their conversation transformed into a date and later “led to a kiss, and eventually sex”. 

The Wall Street Journal added that before the duo parted their ways, Musk, who is 20 years older than the intern, “had flown the fresher out to a resort in Sicily”. 

When Elon Musk put efforts to spice up things between them, the former intern rejected it.

However, reportedly the duo remained close.

Another female employee disclosed that she had a sexual relationship with the tech billionaire in 2014, which lasted for a month. However, they parted ways and she quit the company. 

Likewise, all the scandals and controversies in which Elon Musk was involved are currently in the limelight.

The Wall Street Journal’s report has accumulated affidavits, emails, text messages, and other documents from over 48 people. This includes former employees working in Musk’s firms, family members, and friends of the women.

Notably, Elon Musk, the SpaceX boss response is still awaited.

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