(Adults Only) Top Kamana Newar Web Series To Watch Alone

(Adults Only) Top Kamana Newar Web Series To Watch Alone

Kamana Newari is an actress known for her roles in web series mostly targeted toward adult audiences. Kamana has acted in numerous web series for which she has been critically acclaimed as well. She has worked for platforms like Ullu, Voovi, PrimePlay, OX9, Hunters, Rabbit, and more.

Below, we have mentioned 10 Kamana Newari web series for you to watch and stream online when you’re alone.

10 Kamana Newar Web Series:

1. Amrapali

Amrapali helps men get their spark back with her special medication. Elders don’t like how she does things; however, some men are very fond of her work. Watch it on Rabbit. The cast includes Mahi Kaur, Ajay Nayak, and Jullie Borra.

2. Tamboo Me Bamboo

A father comes to visit his son in the city. Gradually, over time, their relationship has relaxed, and the bond at the pan shop has grown stronger, but the son doesn’t know why. Starring Khushi Dalguch, Kamana Newari, and Dev Dehman. Can be watched on Jalva.

3. ShortCut

Roma used her beauty and tactics to get hold of her husband’s property. She also befriends her son-in-law to ensure he does not interfere with her plans. Watch it on Voovi. The cast includes Malvika Tomar, Kamana Newari, and Santosh Kumar.

4. Capsule

Ramaprasad always wanted to have a great, pleasurable life with his wife, but his performance didn’t interest her. However, one pill, one day changes everything for him, for the good. Watch it on OX9. Starring Sreoshi Chatterjee, Manish Mishra, and Kamana Newari.

5. Nain Sukh

Vipin has a clear and detailed vision of how his life should turn out to be. However, one day when he meets Tanvi, things change. Meanwhile, Sabji Wali is also playing a huge role in his life. The cast includes Abhishek Choudhary, Bhavesh Kantaria, and Kamana Newari. Can be watched on Besharams.

6. Ranjish

A lady once interacted with a man. Their interaction turns out to be significant and new. How will they figure out what they want to make of it anyway? Starring Kamalika Chanda, Ekta More, and Ashraf Saifee. Watch it on Hunters.

7. Pehredaar

A newly wedded wife stumbled upon a life where, along with her marriage to her husband, she is also married to the father-in-law. Whenever her husband is away, the father-in-law takes charge of her, and they work things out. The cast includes Deepak Dutt Sharma, Shyna Khatri, and Prashant Desh Pandey. Watch it on PrimePlay.

8. Choti Bahu

A newly wedded wife visits her in-law’s house. However, when the husband goes away for work, it leaves them unhappy and dissatisfied. The wife takes it upon herself to keep them happy and fulfilled at all times. Watch it on Hunters. The cast includes Lucky Saini, Amar Hotwani, and Shyna Khatri.

9. Devika

Devika got married to Roshan. She also becomes the stepmom of his son. Whenever Roshan is not there, the son steps in, and Devika bonds with him in a special way. Starring Khushi Mukherjee, Gaurav Sinha, Aayushi Jaiswal. Can be watched on Hunters.

10. Vaidya

Vaidya arranged her marriage with someone other than Brian. However, when her husband’s ex and other girls walk into her life, things change as they tend to join them in their way. The cast includes Kamal Krishna Poudyal, Ishika Bose, and Ruchita Shukla. Watch it on Hunters.

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Wiki Biodata

Attribute Details
Full Name Kamana Newar
Profession Actress
Famous For Actress
Age (as of June 2024) 31 Years
Date of Birth August 21, 1992
Birthplace Mumbai, India
Height 165 cm / 1.65 m / 5’5″
Weight 70 kg / 154 lbs
Figure Measurements 34-32-38 Inches
Eye Colour Brown
Hair Colour Black
Net Worth (approx.) 1-2 Cr INR
Instagram kamananewarofficial


What are some notable projects of Kamana Newar?

Kamana Newar gained fame through her performances in the web series “Choti Bahu” (2023) and “RANJISH” (2023), among others.

What is Kamana Newar’s net worth?

Kamana Newar’s estimated net worth is between 1-2 Crore INR.

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