Jaguar Wright Arrested for Stealing A Truck Amid Wild Celeb Conspiracies 

Jaguar Wright Arrested for Stealing A Truck Amid Wild Celeb Conspiracies 

The famous personality, Jaguar Wright, is all over the internet now. She has been going viral on all social media platforms after throwing wild accusations about other figures in the industry, reported AllHipHop.

However, the recent reports circulating on the internet state that the singer has been apprehended. 

Several local outlets on June 6, Thursday reported that the singer has charges for her. related to theft of property between $30K-$150K

Earlier on Thursday, she was booked in Dallas. Currently, it is believed that the singer is currently behind bars. 

Additional details surrounding Jaguar Wright’s arrest are currently unavailable. However, according to the truckloads of rumors circulating on various social media platforms, netizens claim that Wright has been arrested for stealing a truck. 

During a livestream at the Sean Davie Way Show, Wright was allegedly called. She claimed that there was “no charge” against her for keeping her locked up behind bars. 

Moreover, Jaguar put blame on Tasha K, stating that the blogger is the reason behind her arrest. Moreover, she vowed to sue the blogger. 

Additionally, Wright during the livestream asked the host to contact CNN. She added that the reason behind her arrest was to prevent her from speaking out. 

Some of Jaguar Wright’s Top Revelations

In recent months, Weight has been publically talked about numerous theories against Beyoncé, Jay-Z, Diddy and many others across a range of appearances. 

The singer collaborated with Tokyo Toni, the reality TV personality, earlier this week. The duo put accusations about Justin Beiber that at one of Diddy’s swanky parties, the “Baby” singer performed a sex act on Odell Beckham Jr. 

The rapper also claimed that the “Anaconda” singer, Nicki Minaj, was responsible for the leak of alleged audio of Meek Mill and Diddy. 

Jaguar also claimed that Megan Thee Stallion and Nicki Minaj possess a hidden past. The duo also videographed a sex tape. Jaguar Wright claimed herself to be the living proof of the scene as she watched the tape herself.

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