Lawsuit Against ‘The Dream,’ Accused Of Rape by Chanaaz Mangroe

Lawsuit Against ‘The Dream,’ Accused Of Rape by Chanaaz Mangroe

Beyoncé and Rihanna’s producer, The Dream, whose actual name is Terius Youngdell Nash, is now all over the internet for the wrong reasons.

Chanaaz Mangroe has recently accused The Dream of assaulting and abusing her.

Chanaaz Mangroe met The Dream in 2014 when she was 23 years old.

The Dream Accused Of Abuse By Chanaaz Mangroe

She wanted to be a big name in the Hollywood music industry, and The Dream reached out to her with promises that he would help her with writing her big hit song.

She also alleged in the lawsuit that The Dream also promised Chanaaz Mangroe that he would allow her to open in Beyoncé’s show.

Now, opening Beyoncé’s tour is a big thing because Beyoncé has thousands of people attending her concerts, which would be a huge bump to her career.

However, Chanaaz Mangroe recently revealed the downside to these promises.

Chanaaz Mangroe said that The Dream followed her and stalked her.

She claimed that The Dream also physically assaulted her.

The Dream made Chanaaz Mangroe drink even though she did not want to drink alcohol, and she indicated that he also tried his sexual advances on her in the van.

Chanaaz Mangroe opened up about it and said,

“my silence has become too painful, and I realized that I need to tell my story to heal. I hope that doing so will also help others and prevent future horrific abuse.”

Chanaaz Mangroe opened up about her experience to the public, and The Dream is currently in ruins.

Accusations have reached the newspapers and also social media.

The Dream is receiving loads of critical comments and hate comments because of his alleged behavior.

The situation has turned out to be a shock, people and necessary authorities are on trial to investigate this whole situation for the time being.

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