Kanye West’s Ex-Employee, Lauren Pisciotta, Sues Rapper for Wrongful Termination and Sexual Harassment 

Kanye West’s Ex-Employee, Lauren Pisciotta, Sues Rapper for Wrongful Termination and Sexual Harassment 

American Rapper Kanye West is yet again in the news for another controversy.

The rapper’s former executive assistant, Lauren Pisciotta, has reportedly filed a lawsuit against him, reported TMZ.

Lauren has made allegations of wrongful termination, breach of contract, hostile work environment, and sexual harassment.

In July 2021, Lauren used to be an OnlyFans model. Then, West was ready to roll out his fashion brand, Yeezy. 

As per the court filings, Lauren also claimed in court that she also worked with West on his 2021 album Donda. 

West’s former executive assistant claimed that West forced her to be present before him throughout the week for 24 hours.

Court documents stated that West asked Pisciotta to delete her OnlyFans account after a year.

Previously, Lauren Pisciotta was earning $1 million annually. However, Kanye West offered her $2 million per year and asked to join him. Later, the model revealed that the rapper never increased her salary to $2 million.

When Lauren agreed to West’s offer, she got unsolicited sexual messages from the rapper.

In September 2022, Pisciotta was promoted to the position of Chief of Staff, earning a salary of $4 million a year. However, in the following month, she was fired. 

Kanye West Accused of Multiple Instances of Sexual Harassment 

Court filings revealed that Kanye sent his former executive certain vulgar messages. He described numerous ways he could experience and wanted to share details of certain intimate physical acts.

According to Hindustan Times, the rapper also sent some of his private pictures where he was involved in intimate acts with other women. Moreover, Lauren said that the pictures that Kanye sent involved both male and female workers of Yeezy. 

Furthermore, Lauren added that the rapper asked her to remove her cardigan in the office.

He gave the reason that the cardigan was covering too much of her skin. 

As per Pisciotta’s allegations, West also offered her “$3 million in severance after he fired her”.

However, the former model claimed that she never received the sum of money.

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