10 Best Tamannah Bhatia No Makeup Pictures

10 Best Tamannah Bhatia No Makeup Pictures

Tamannah Bhatia is a well-known Telugu, South Indian actress. Currently, she is also working in Bollywood and making her way there.

Tamannah has won many nominations and many awards as well. Tamannah has worked in films like “Baahubali 1” and “Baahubali 2.”

She has also acted in the Bollywood film ‘Entertainment’ with Akshay Kumar. Tamannah Bhatia is big on fashion has an extremely well-known fashionistic vibe and is a star to many.

Below we have mentioned 10 no-makeup pictures of Tamannah for you to check out.

10 Tamannah Bhatia No Makeup Pictures:

1. Waves

Tamannah has her hair in open waves here. She is not wearing any makeup and she looks stunning.

Tamannah Bhatia

2. Happy Time

Tamannah has her hair in a ponytail here. She seems smiling and has no makeup on.

Tamannah Bhatia No Makeup

3. Cheerful

Tamannah is wearing a very simple black basic t-shirt. She has no makeup on, but has put on a bindi which gives it a desi touch.

zTamannah Bhatia

4. Simple Casual

Here, Tamannah is wearing yet another black outfit. Her hair is in side parts and she is not wearing makeup.

Tamannah Bhatia Without Makeup

5. Yoga Time

Tamannah is doing yoga in this picture. She is wearing active simple wear and has no makeup.

Tamannah Bhatia Natural

6. Sweeth Tooth

Tamannah is sitting in a cafe in this picture. She has no makeup on, and has sunglasses on her head.

Tamannah Bhatia No Makeup Pics

7. Goofy Face

Here, Tamannaah is in a car. She is making goofy faces and left her face without makeup.

Tamannah Bhatia

8. Co-Ord

Tamannaah is wearing a black co-ord in this picture. She has no makeup on her face, and her hair is in a bun.

Tamannah Bhatia

9. Off-Shoulder

Tamannaah is wearing a pink and cream shirt. She has no makeup on and this picture is from her home during a video interview.

Tamannah Bhatia

10. Simple White Tee

Here, Tamannaah is wearing a white shirt. Her hair is in a side part, and she is wearing no makeup.

Tamannah Bhatia

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