SteveWillDolt Calls Out Mr. Beast A ‘Loser,’ Know Why

SteveWillDolt Calls Out Mr. Beast A ‘Loser,’ Know Why

SteveWillDoIt is a famous YouTuber. He used to post videos of him playing games on social media. When it was later realized that Steve was not abiding by the terms and conditions of YouTube, his account was banned.

SteveWillDolt Calls Out Mr. Beast

When it comes to his ban, he tried to seek help from other creators online to sustain his account. Steve reached out to Mr. Beast first. MrBeast is a very famous YouTuber. He is the 2nd most followed and subscribed person on the Youtube currently.

MrBeast is known for his generosity and how he gives away money to people online.

Steve reached out to MrBeast to help him get off the ban on YouTube.

So Steve later mentioned on social media that MrBeast did not help him out, and he did not even reply to him.

Steve later said that MrBeast is doing all his challenges and giving away his money just to increase his followers and get more money.

The fact that MrBeast has done so many philanthropic works in the recent past means nothing but money according to Steve.

MrBeast has been a controversial figure in the industry for a while now. He did reply to these kinds of rumors back in the past where he cleared out that he would give away his money to the needy before he died. But some people thought he was making that up to get money out of that too.

What Steve said online has caught the attention of many online and caused a rumble on social media. MrBeast did not reply to this controversial rumor is all over the internet now though.

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