Elon Musk and Meta’s AI chief Yann LeCun have crossed swords On X (Again) But Why?

Elon Musk and Meta’s AI chief Yann LeCun have crossed swords On X (Again) But Why?

Elon Musk and Meta’s AI chief Yann LeCun have crossed swords on X  indicative of an ever-widening rift between the Chief of Tesla and SpaceX and the renowned AI scientist as Musk sought to recruit new talent for his AI startup, xAI.

Elon Musk and Meta’s AI Chief Yann LeCun Clash on X Once More

Meta’s AI chief Yann LeCun took to X to trade barbs with Tesla CEO Elon Musk and said anyone who joins Musk’s AI startup, xAI must be ready to endure a crazy boss who often propounds crazy conspiracy theories, makes hyped–up claims of solving problems in the shortest time and will kill everyone and therefore must be stopped.

Elon Musk had urged people to come and work at xAI and said, “If you believe in our mission of understanding the universe, it requires maximally rigorous pursuit of the truth, without regard to popularity or political correctness.”

When LeCun was asked what he has against Musk, he responded, “I like his cars, his rockets, his solar panels, and his satellite network, but very much dislikes his vengeful politics, his conspiracy theories, and his hype.”

LeCun also revealed why he preferred to work with Meta instead of starting his own startup and said,

 “I’m a scientist, not a business or product person,”

However, Musk dismissed more than 80 published technical papers by LeCun’s since 2022 as nothing.

Musk further added salt to Meta’s AI chief Yann LeCun’s wounds when he retorted,

“You’re going soft. Try harder, LeCun is just following orders,” to which Yann LeCun replied, “now you’re acting as if you were my boss.”

LeCun said “you don’t seem to understand how research works” and later added that “every single driving assistance system today” relies on research — convolutional neural networks — he introduced, including Musk’s EV firm Tesla, though the billionaire said they “don’t use CNNs much these days.”

The diatribe between the two have also amused others and Google software engineer François Chollet joked and suggested the two to settle in a cage match. Musk had suggested the same to fellow tech billionaire and Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg. However LeCun suggested that he would prefer a sailing race.

LeCun is considered one of the three “AI godfathers” and is considered one who laid the foundation of AI on which the later structures were built. He is one of the leading scientists who is creating a new generation of AI systems based on a “world modeling” approach which is a part of Meta’s AI efforts.

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