Cardi B Goes Against Candance Owens Who Suggests Adult Content Should Be Banned

Cardi B Goes Against Candance Owens Who Suggests Adult Content Should Be Banned

According to Author Candace Owens, porn is doing more harm than good and is weakening men.

Candace says that porn should be banned and that men should not be weakened this way.

When it comes to this debate online, which is currently heated, people are speaking up, and Cardi B has taken a stand.

Cardi is a well-known rapper in the Hollywood industry. Cardi herself is on OnlyFans, which provides her with income as well.

Cardi B has mentioned that porn should not be banned, stating that she herself likes watching porn maybe six times a year.

Cardi B Goes Against Candance Owens

“Ommmggg why yall so against porn ? Is it that bad for yall?…I enjoy it but I don’t know I guess is like a 6 time a year thing. I personally don’t feel no connection or addiction to it just a little quick one two … NOTHING LIKE REAL INTIMACY!”

is what Cardi B wrote about the whole situation.

Even though Cardi watches it, she mentions that she doesn’t get addicted to it, nor does she watch it every day, but it’s good for her and she likes it.

Cardi has also continued that porn should be a way for men to learn how to satisfy and treat a woman the way they want.

Kanye West has also taken a stand on this matter.

He has announced that he is releasing a website for pornographic content.

People have gone against it because Ye published a song about loving Jesus, and a website like this is literally doing the opposite.

Kanye has mentioned that he used to watch porn with a free membership given by the websites.

But it affected him and his relationship with his family.

And according to him, it destroyed his family as well.

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