Travis Scott’s College ‘Good Music’ Essay Goes Viral On The Internet

Travis Scott’s College ‘Good Music’ Essay Goes Viral On The Internet

Travis Scott is a well-known rapper in the Hollywood industry right now. In 2009, he was in college, and he had to write an essay that wasn’t as impressive as people thought it would be. He took a music class in college, and his essay was about “good music.” He started the essay with the sentence, “Good music is known all around the world.”

Travis Scott’s College ‘Good Music’ Essay

In his essay, he wanted to talk about Big Sean and Kid Cudi, who were already signed to the label GOOD Music, which is under Kanye West. The problem with his essay was that Travis kept mixing up and getting confused between “GOOD Music” and “good music.”

This made the essay a little too confusing for people who were reading it. He also did not use proper capitalization of the names, which resulted in spelling errors.

The first part of the essay felt like he copied it from Wikipedia to write things about the two singers he wrote the essay about. His whole essay was full of spelling mistakes and words that did not make sense to anyone.

“Kanye then ask Cudi for material [sic],” Scott wrote. “At the time he didn’t have anything. Kanye said you know what you make a mix-tape when your done [sic] bring it to me then we will talk,” is what the essay had, which showed the mistakes he made in the essay.

This was found by two users online. They found it funny and wasted no time posting it, and now the essay is viral and all over the internet. People find it very funny that Travis is such a big name right now, but back in his education days, and when he was rising, it was messy for him and Travis used to make silly mistakes.

However, there is no way to validate the fact that Travis himself wrote the essay. Travis did not confirm anything as of yet. The pictures and screenshots are from the internet, so it is best to carefully consider the same.

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