Ex-FIT Student Accuses Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs Of Raping And Drugging Her In 90s In A Fresh lawsuit

Ex-FIT Student Accuses Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs Of Raping And Drugging Her In 90s In A Fresh lawsuit

Every day a new woman is filing lawsuits against Music Mogul Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs, alleging sexual assault and the latest in this unending saga is an ex-FIT student who has instituted a lawsuit accusing him of raping and drugging her in 90s.

A former student of New York City’s Fashion Institute of Technology, April Lampros has filed a lawsuit against the rapper Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs of sexual assaults against her will multiple times after drugging her.

Their first meeting happened in 1995 when Lampros said she met Combs at a SoHo Bar in 1995. Sean got her drunk and took her to his room at the Millennium Hotel where the music baron forced himself upon her against her will. The plaintiff said that she woke up the next day “nude, sore, and confused.”

After the horrific experience Lamros started distancing herself from Combs until he once again was able to contact her and invited her to events in the music industry.

Lampros said that she was an innocent college student who took Comb’s words in faith and was willing to forgive Combs for his sexual misconduct. To her horror Combs again exploited her vulnerability and forced her to perform oral sex in a parking lot. Lampros also revealed that they were spotted by a garage attendant, but Combs reportedly didn’t care.

Lamros now completely avoided Combs and this led him to go ballistic and even threatened to blacklist her from the industry.

However Lamros ordeals were not going to end and in 1996 Lampros said she was forced to visit Combs’s apartment, where she was introduced to his now ex-girlfriend, Kim Porter. In her lawsuit Lampros alleged that she was forced to consume the drug Ecstasy and to have sex with Porter as Combs masturbated. Later she was again raped by Combs. In 1998, Lampros severed her relations with Combs forever.

The latest lawsuit filed in New York on Thursday has also made Bad Boy Records and Sony Music subsidiary Arista Records, as well as 10 unnamed defendants and 10 unnamed corporations as dependents for aiding and abetting the incidents.

This is the seventh lawsuit which has been filed against the music baron. The music baron is also facing charges of alleged rape, sex trafficking and CNN had released a video which showed the rapper physically assaulting his former girlfriend.

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