Stand-Up Comedian Ashish Solanki Removes ‘Pretty Good Roast’ Episode with Ashneer Grover, Netizens troll Ex-Shark Tank Judge

Stand-Up Comedian Ashish Solanki Removes ‘Pretty Good Roast’ Episode with Ashneer Grover, Netizens troll Ex-Shark Tank Judge

Comedian Aashish Solanki has removed the episode of his show “Pretty Good Roast” featuring one of Shark Tank India’s former judges, and BharatPe co-founder Ashneer Grover.

Ashneer Grover often gets into hot water and controversies and in the latest turn of events he has asked his name and part to be removed from a comedy performance where he had participated as a guest.

A statement posted on Instagram by Comedian Aashish Solanki said that the fifth episode of the show had to be withdrawn since he did not have the resources to fight a court battle, implying Grover’s concerns.

Ashish Solanki Removes ‘Pretty Good Roast’ Episode Featuring Ashneer Grover

Ashneer Grover had requested that the episode featuring him be removed from the Pretty Good Roast Show episode after participating as a guest. The controversy revolved around roast humor, court battles, and video alterations on YouTube and Twitter connected to Shark Tank India. The episode sparked a backlash in the comedy community and social media.

Comedian and Comicstaan 3 winner Aashish Solanki On May 19, took to Instagram and wrote,

“Ep 5 of Pretty Good Roast hata diya hai dosto. Legal battles do not pay well. Sab show, laga diya tha. The reception to prior episodes led us to believe our audiences were ready for roast humor. However, it appears that some, particularly those in positions of authority, are not quite there yet.”

Solanki thanked his supporters for their persistent support and promised that a new episode will be released soon.

Even after the removal of the episode Ashneer Grover continued to be at the receiving end of netizens and the incident has not gone down well with social media users, who have hit out at him over his ‘dictatorial behavior’.

BharatPe founder and Shark Tank fame Ashneer Grover has been known for putting forth his views unabashedly and often his statements land him in trouble.

His request to comedian, Aashish Solanki, to remove a segment from a roast video that he was part of has been heavily criticized by netizens as well as the Comedian community.

Ashneer Grover was irked when Comicstaan 3 winner Ashish Solanki’s ‘Pretty Good Roast Show’ roasted Grover over being removed as managing director of BharatPe went viral.

Solanki in the now-deleted roast video said

“TV pe log talent dikhane jaat hai, ye aukat dikha ke aa gaya. Samajh gaye kiski baat kar raha hoon main? Apni company se kaun nikala jata hai yaar (People show their talent on TV, he showed everyone his status. Which entrepreneur gets kicked out of their own company?)”.

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