Kelly Rowland Screams on Security Guard At The Cannes 2024 Red Carpet

Kelly Rowland Screams on Security Guard At The Cannes 2024 Red Carpet

The Kelly Rowland meme, where she is scolding a security guard on the Cannes red carpet, has gone viral on the internet and also become a source of amusement. Kelly is a former Destiny’s Child member. Kelly’s recent appearance at Cannes caused her look to blow up on social media.

Kelly Rowland Screams At The Security Guard

She was on the carpet for the premiere of the film, “Marcello Mio,” on May 21, 2024. Kelly wore a red strapless spaghetti gown, accessorized to look dapper. Kelly also added a shiny, hard-to-miss diamond necklace which went perfectly with the look. But here’s what caused the drama.

Kelly was walking down the red carpet in Cannes, and a security guard tried to hold her hand to escort her down the carpet. She was in the middle of smiling and posing for the paparazzi. As soon as the security guard touched her hand, Kelly became furious and started screaming at the guard right in front of the media and the public.

Kelly has been in situations like this before too, where she has allegedly misbehaved with people working. She walked away from the set of “Today” because she wasn’t happy with the dressing room.

Netizens online are not happy with how Kelly behaves. They took to social media and talked about how `inappropriate `it was for Kelly to behave like that with someone who was working in front of the media. The picture of Kelly arguing has gone viral on social media.

Whereas some believe that Kelly is the sweetest in the world, and think the security guard must have done something wrong to piss her off.

This has become a thing to laugh about currently. However, Kelly herself did not release a statement about the incident, leading to the traction and growth of the meme online.

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