‘Rage Therapy’ New Trend For Women To Go Out And Yell In The Woods

‘Rage Therapy’ New Trend For Women To Go Out And Yell In The Woods

So, well, we have a new kind of therapy which includes screaming and throwing things. As per the conventional methods, we can already assact that this kind of activity exists it is called a rage room.

However, people have now considered it as a therapy and are now charging for the same to let anger out of people.

‘Rage Therapy’ Meaning

Angry women are suggested to go into the woods to scream, cry, and break things around.

Even though most of the people think that this kind of therapy happens when there’s anger, the catch here is, that this therapy exists when there’s no anger.

The lady who started all of this said that women who have anger should go into the forest and scream into remote locations.

This anger should come from the emotions pent up in the body. Some people are against this because this is just baiting white rice women, who have to create anger to scream in remote locations.

It’s just another way to market strategy to take out money from the rich to give them the option to yell out their rage in private.

Some people also suggest that these things are towards the Karens who always yell at people for no reason or are always annoyed and irritated.

Rage therapy or large yelling can be a good way to release your anger.

But the internet is still in the debate whether it should be something that can be considered seriously or not because, number one, it’s kind of obvious to the people, and number two, the money they are taking for the trips is way too much considering all people are getting to do is yell for a monetary basis.

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