Darius McCrary Shock Fans By Joining OnlyFans With Sidney Starr

Darius McCrary Shock Fans By Joining OnlyFans With Sidney Starr

Darius has been famous among his fans and followers all through the internet. This is mostly because he has been in TV shows. Darius has also been famous among people because of his relationship with model and OnlyFans influencer, Sidney Starr.

Darius McCrary Joins OnlyFans

The two have been seen hanging out with each other on various occasions, and the rumors of them dating have not been a scarce thing these days. Sidney recently dropped a video where she hinted that she might show off what happened between her and Darius in a video.

People thought they both had done an OnlyFans video together, which got the internet going crazy. But it turns out Sidney is extremely good at marketing herself, and all she wrote was the fact that she was the only one in the OnlyFans video and he wasn’t there.

Sidney added a post and with that, she wrote in the caption, “Y’all wanna see what happens next with me and me Eddie Winslow?? Subscribe to my OnlyFans right now.” This caption led people to believe that they did something together and the video and fans went wild!

When McCrary was asked about his view on what the fans think about them. He said, “I don’t normally pay attention to the rumors…But the small minds discuss other people… While y’all are discussing rumors that aren’t true, we eating.”

Darius later opened up about it and said that it’s funny how people gossip about the two of them like they are high school kids. Darius is known to make jokes and make fun of situations like these. Sidney and Darius have always been very upfront about their friendly relationship online and have always shut down any kind of relationship rumors that have sprung up about them like professionals!

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