Deshaun Watson’s New Back Tattoo Sparks Internet Frenzy

Deshaun Watson, the famous football player, has gotten a new tattoo on his back, and that has caused an uproar on social media, attracting attention and loads of traction on social media. He got a couple of tattoos on his back, including his girlfriend’s face, which pretty much made the day of many people and also raised expectations.

Deshaun Watson Gets New Back Tattoo

Some of the tattoos he got on the back include a blank Super Bowl tattoo. He got the Super Bowl trophy and he did not add the year to it, expecting to win one soon and add it in later on. The next one includes a Cleveland Browns helmet where he did not add the logo just in case things changed later.

Then the next best thing he added was his girlfriend’s face. That’s a huge level of commitment which shows how committed and respected their relationship is. The next tattoo included “I Have a Dream” by King Martin Luther Junior.

He was a famous name of the black revolutionist, so he added the tattoo with a hint of the Meek Mill rap theme. It’s a tribute and extremely pretty and respectful for him to do so! The huge face of his girlfriend, and the NFL logo on his back.

This commitment is extremely liked by people and fans all around. His back looks like a piece of art with the tattoo blending in perfectly with each other. Deshaun knows how to nail things and this time he nailed the tattoo on his back and won fans!

Some people were very happy for him to get the tattoo. While he did receive some mean and heated comments which said that the ring he left empty will continue to be so, trolls are a part of social media after all.

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