Drake Blocking Kai Cenat’s Number Surfaces The Internet, Making Headlines

Kai Cenat is a well-known streamer and is known for his live streams, pranks, weird shenanigans online, and more. Kai Cenat and Drake have been friends for the longest time. They have done streams together and have also been on calls together and much more.

Drake Blocking Kai Cenat’s Number

Drake is currently in a rap feud with Kendrick Lamar. They are constantly publishing raps about and against one another, exposing each other in ways that shock the public. So, Kai was doing a live stream and he was listening to Drake’s song with his fans. In one of the songs, Kai commented that Drake should be more aggressive in his songs since he’s in a battle and he shouldn’t take it easy.

“Drake, can you drop? Say it more aggressive, bro, please… There’s no way you walk away like this, gang,” Kai said in his live stream.

So, fans in the comments asked him to call Drake and tell him about his comment. Kai took it and called Drake, but Drake did not answer the call. Rumors began to spread that Drake had blocked him. Kai did not want to accept it, but it turns out Kai had the wrong number for Drake all along.

Drake has not replied to Kai’s comment about his rap as of yet. Drake has also not dropped any new releases about the feud as of yet, though. But in the song ‘Push Ups,’ Drake mentioned Kai with a joke that celebrities want to get on live streams with Kai, so that is a sign that Drake does acknowledge their friendship. “Beggin Kai Cenat, boy, you not f**kin’ beatin’ us,” is what he added in his lyrics.

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