Happy Birthday Superman: Fans Flock To Wish The DC Hero, On February 29th!

The date February 29 is a very unique one. It comes once every four years, and this year, as it’s a leap year, we have seen the extra day. Legends suggest that on this extra day, people should not waste their time doing ordinary things. Instead, they should make the day altogether fun.

Happy Birthday Superman

And speaking of fun, let’s talk about the birthday of our favorite Man of Steel! February 29 also marks the birthday of Superman. Even though we were introduced to him on June 18, after he crash-landed on Earth, his birthday is a bit different.

This birth date is surrounded by a rich history. In 1966, E. Nelson Bridwell and Mort Weisinger collaborated closely to create a DC calendar that marked the birthdays of superheroes. They meticulously crafted the birthdays and anniversaries of many heroes.

It is surprising to see that most of the DC heroes have their birthdays or anniversaries in February. In the 1985 comic Superman Annual no. 11, the date of his birthday was further solidified, officially establishing it. Later, it was announced in a social strip that Superman’s birthday is on February 29, which coincidentally overlaps with the birthday of Shazam.

Perhaps it was planned, or it’s just a mere coincidence that these two exceptionally attractive superheroes were born on the same day. This might be the reason behind their aging like fine wine every four years.

However, fans do not forget Superman’s birthday. This year, fans have taken to social media to wish the superhero a happy birthday and have made sure to make him feel loved on his special day with different posts, edits, memes, collages, and more.

So, we all wish Happy Birthday, Superman as well!

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