“Ain’t going to lie” Adin Ross Announces Potential Twitch Unban on Live Stream

Adin Ross shared his excitement about getting unbanned from Twitch during a recent stream on Kick with @xQc.

He announced to his fans,

“Chat, I will be unbanned on Twitch at some point this year – 2024. I ain’t going to lie, and I’m excited, bro.”

Adin was infamously banned from the live-streaming platform Twitch in February 2023. However, with the news of his potential unbanning in 2024, he and his fans are looking forward to his return.

Adin Riss Shares His Excitement About Getting Unbanned On Twitch

The reason for Adin’s ban from Twitch remains unclear. Some Kick users, who watched his live stream that allegedly led to the ban, stated that he made jokes about the LGBTQ+ community that were offensive to transgender individuals. There is speculation that his ban might also be due to streaming simultaneously on Kick and Twitch, violating their agreement, or possibly due to actions that upset his fans, leading to reports.

Adin expressed confusion about his ban, stating,

“Listen, I’m permanently banned on Twitch. It’s done. But I got permanently banned, for no reason. At all. No reason.” The exact cause of his ban remains a subject of speculation.

Another point of interest is Adin Ross’s co-ownership of Kick, where he owns 30% of the company. Questions arise about how his unbanning on Twitch might affect his stake in Kick, but the situation remains shrouded in mystery.

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