What Does ‘Woke Person’ Mean In Slang? Was Garth Brooks Kicked Out Of Toby Keith’s Tributary Show?

The internet is full of viral posts about Garth Brooks being kicked out of Toby Keith‘s tributary show. That is, first of all, downright absurd, but wait until you hear why the speculations are being made online.

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According to media outlets and sources, Garth was kicked out because he is too ‘woke’ and Toby wouldn’t have wanted someone like that in his tributary show.

What Does ‘Woke Person’ Mean In Slang?

Let’s get to know what the term ‘woke’ actually refers to. According to a recent ABC News article, It describes someone active in participating in current issues, including cultural issues on a national, global, or even regional level.

The term is predominantly used in contexts of racial discrimination, oppression, injustice, and similar concerns. Its usage became widespread back in 2014 during the Black Lives Matter protests.

Garth Brooks Kicked Out Of Toby Keith’s Tributary Video?

Coming back to Garth, his being kicked out of the tributary show is a hoax. The parody account of SpaceXMania created the whole mess. Later, upon further investigation into their ‘About Us’ page, we discovered that their articles are fictional.

“Quick heads up, though—every single article on our site is about as real as a unicorn sipping on a rainbow smoothie. They’re pure fantasy, folks, not a snapshot of reality,”

is what the website contains.

However, the tributary shoot did not go as planned as Garth had to leave, but why? this isn’t disclosed yet.

However, Garth Brooks’s official website was updated with an obituary regarding Toby’s death describing him as a ‘Larger Than Life’ person and mentioning well wishes from his family, friends, and fans all around.

Thus, it’s probably a good idea to read the ‘About Us’ page before taking information from a source and freaking out over it.

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