Dawn Queva Fired After BBC Employee’s Antisemitic Posts Targeting ‘Jews’ Go Viral

A senior employee from the BBC, Dawn Queva, is currently in the middle of a huge controversy after becoming involved in an antisemitic rant on social media platforms. Dawn Queva, now fired, worked as a senior coordinator at the BBC and supervises the “BBC Three” scheduling team. Recently, the ex-BBC employee, under the name Dawn Las Quevas-Allen, posted a series of offensive posts on Facebook.

On February 1, Deadline unveiled snapshots of the of Dawn taken over the last few months. The revelations showed that Dawn Queva tagged Jewish people as “Nazi apartheid parasites.” She also “denied the Holocaust by accusing Jews of funding the ‘holohoax.’” Moreover, Dawn also attacked white people by calling them a ‘virus.’

The screenshots circulated heavily on social media, leading online community users to condemn the news network and Dawn Queva as well. However, as the news escalated Dawn deleted all her posts from her Facebook account.


Dawn Queva’s Conspiracy Theories on Jews

The posts by Dawn Queva involved various conspiracy theories and ramblings regarding “AshkeNazis.” AshkeNazis is a term used for “Jews who have an ancestral connection with those who had lived in Eastern or Central Europe.”

Moreover, in her posts, she also used a variety of names for the Jewish community, such as “Subcontinental European CaucAsian invader colonizer species with zero indigenous/blood on their maternal or parental side, just a bunch of thieving squatters from a land mass north of the Mediterranean.”


The ex-BBC Employee also mentioned that the Jews belong to the “synagogue of Satan.” On January 12, she came up with another post involving the Rothschilds conspiracy where she regarded the Holocaust as a ‘holohoax.’ Furthermore, she accused Jewish people, blaming them for smuggling people from Africa, trafficking, and raping them.

Dawn Queva added that at present, certain descendant Jews have committed ‘genocide’ against the Palestinians in Israel. According to her, Jews “made money off of the sugar plantation in America.”

Confirmations from Deadline revealed that the posts on Facebook under the name Dawn Las Quevas-Allen are from the same woman who worked as Dawn Queva at BBC. Previously, Dawn Queva also worked at A+E Networks, Disney, and UKTV.


Reactions to Dawn Queva’s Antisemitic Posts

Due to the rising disgust among netizens over Dawn Queva’s posts, they demanded that the organization terminate her employment for spreading hate speech. On Monday, February 5th, BBC announced that they had indeed fired her. Dawn’s posts are no longer accessible on the platform and appear to have been removed by Facebook.

Dawn stated that her words do not tolerate abuse, hate speech, antisemitism, or Islamophobia.


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