Legging Legs Trends on TikTok Controversy: Dangers of Thigh-Gap Obsession Explained

Legging Legs Trends on TikTok Controversy: Dangers of Thigh-Gap Obsession Explained

‘Legging Legs’ is a new fashion trend that is trending all over TikTok. Gen Alpha and Gen Z are sharing this trend heavily on the video-sharing platform, TikTok. This latest trend is quite similar to the obsession that several millennials had with the ‘thigh gap.’ As this trend goes viral on the internet, issues related to mental health and other eating disorders are about to escalate among the younger generations.

According to The Post, the hashtag #LeggingLegs has more than 33 million views on the video-sharing platform. In numerous videos, many have showcased their slim physique by wearing leggings. This trend has escalated that by showing off one’s thigh gap only, one would look exceptionally good in tights and yoga pants. Thus, this trend is getting popular among the new generation as a ‘thigh gap’ trend.

While some people are falling prey to ‘legging legs,’ and expressing their grief, other netizens are tagging the latest trend as disturbing. This trend has the potential to affect people’ eating disorders leading to body dysmorphia. Thus, many netizens have also expressed their grief about the same. Netizens criticised the trends saying, “These trends have to stop.”

Netizen’s Reactions To Tiktok Trend ‘Legging Legs’

The Research Findings on Social Media Trends

As per data released by the American Psychological Association, in recent years the rate of eating disorders has doubled and the rate of attempting suicide among teens has increased to 20%. Thus, the data mentions that the trends like “thigh gap” can only contribute to threatening young girls.

As per The Post, girls falling in the age group of six to ten start worrying about their weight. Moreover, by the time they reach fourteen years old, 12% of girls deal with eating disorders and 70% of them try to lose weight actively.

Large media platforms like Meta in recent months have carried out actions to wipe out the posts directly or indirectly promoting eating disorders. Thus, social media platforms must be cautious about the latest threatening trends and actions should be taken immediately, accordingly.

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