Caroline Manzo Sues Bravo of Sexual Harassment by Brandi Glanville on ‘Real Housewives’ Set

Caroline Manzo fans were delighted when she made a comeback to the Bravo TV world at the network’s 2022 BravoCon. However, things did not turn out rosy, and now, two years later, the star is suing the network for alleged sexual misconduct on the set of a “Real Housewives” spinoff show. The show was filmed in Morocco and is expected to go on air in the future. Manzo is suing the producers of “Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip” over alleged sexual harassment by co-star Brandi Glanville.

Caroline Manzo’s Lawsuit Against Bravo and Brandi Glanville For Sexual Abuse

The complaint by Caroline Manzo names Bravo Media, Forest Productions, Warner Bros. Entertainment, NBCUniversal Media, Shed Media, and Peacock as defendants, even though Glanville has not been named but is referred to as an employee of the defendants.

Caroline Manzo and Brandi Glanville
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The complaint accuses the producers of not taking into account overwhelming evidence of past deviant sexual behavior by Ms. Glanville and continuing to hire her for the shows. The complaint also accuses the defendants of provoking Ms. Glanville and her sexually perverted and offensive behavior on the sets. The complaint goes on further to state that the producers of the reality series would often coax the Real Housewives cast to consume alcohol and then permit or encourage the team members to sexually harass other cast members for more publicity and ratings. The lawsuit states that the motive of the lawsuit is to dissuade the producers from compromising the crew’s safety for petty commercial gains.

The lawsuit alleges that Caroline Manzo was kissed multiple times by Brandi Glanville in an inebriated state against her will. Glanville not only forcibly kissed Manzo but also thrust her tongue into her mouth. Manzo managed to free herself from Glanville’s grip and went to the bathroom. Glanville followed Manzo into the bathroom and started fondling her private parts and breasts. It was only when Manzo screamed that a team member opened the bathroom door, and she fled to safety. Manzo revealed that she was a victim of sexual abuse when she was only 7, and the incident once again brought back the horrors.

On her part, Glanville took to Twitter to defend herself, claiming it was a “fucking set up.”

The Moroccan episode is yet to be aired, but the shady affairs have been leaked to the media. Caroline Manzo and Glanville left the shooting in early January 2023, and the producing company is launching an investigation into the incident. The producers, in a statement, said that they take crew safety very seriously, and an investigation has been launched.

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