10 Pongal Kolam Design Ideas To Make Your House Festive Ready

Festival season means the house will be full of joy and hope. Just like we dress up on happy occasions, the house also needs some makeover during those days too! Below mentioned are 10 Pongal Kolam design ideas to get your house festive-ready.

10 Pongal Kolam Design Ideas:

1. Diya

Diyas can automatically help elevate the design of any design as it is light support and provides a more religious vibe to the rangoli arts.

2. Cute Pongal Kolam

This design can be achieved by a stencil, it’s easy and very simple. The blast of colors makes it a treat to the eyes.

3. Creative Pongal Kolam

To incorporate all the traditional touches into the design, this is the one. It has the lotus, matka, tree, and even the butter falling off it.

4. Peacock

It’s a very commonly used design. Peacock is a sign of good fortune and beautification, hence its perfect for the beauty of your house.

5. Simple

If you want to keep the design very easy and simple, you can draw a ring around a matka and fill it up with monotone shades. It’s simple and very quick.

6. Theme Pongal Kolam

These designs could take way more time than normal, but it’s a great way to date the festival and honor it. Adding diyas around it will also make the design look enhanced.

7. Intricate

Drawing something as intricate as the minute details might be a tedious job, but it is worth the while if you’d like to give the design an original touch.

8. Beautiful Pongal Kolam

This design captures the true essence of the festival. Cows and mother nature are frequently worshiped and this one has it all.

9. Mandala

Mandala arts isn’t common for this festival, but if you’re new to it, you can try this out. It’s simple to make and will be the star of the show.

10. Outline Pongal Kolam

Red and white colors go really well together. It’s aesthetically pleasing and soothing to the eyes perfect for a sober look to the design.

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