7 Best Kannada Horror Movies: Whispers in the Dark

Embarking on an immersive journey into the captivating realm of the Kannada film industry, we delve into the rich tapestry of cinematic excellence that often goes unnoticed on a national scale. Kannada, with its distinct cultural and linguistic identity, has given rise to a plethora of cinematic gems that warrant not just regional acclaim but also national recognition.

In this exploration, we uncover a selection of the finest horror movies in Kannada, a genre that seamlessly blends traditional elements with modern storytelling. These films offer a unique cinematic experience, perfect for those moments of solitary immersion. So, as you continue to scroll, let’s unveil the mystique and brilliance that the Kannada horror film landscape has to offer.

Top Kannada Horror Movies

7. U-Turn

Best Kannada Horror Movies
Image Credit: IMDb
Cast Shraddha Srinath
Roger Narayan
Radhika Narayan
Crew Director: Pawan Kumar
Release 2016
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The film revolves around mysterious activities happening around a flyover in Bangalore. It shows an intern at a news publication who stumbles upon a mystery where people who have taken a U-turn at a flyover start dying one by one. Watch how she uncovers the truth. 

6. Naa Ninna Bidalaare

Top Kannada Horror Movies
Image Credit: IMDb
Cast T.N. Balakrishna
Anant Nag
Crew Director: Vijay
Release 1979
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A love story filled with betrayal and pain. It shows Krishna from a rich background falls in love with a village girl named Gayatri. After dating for several years, they decide to get married. But soon Gayatri learns about Krishna’s affairs. The guy tries his best to explain the situation but things go out of his way. 

5. Rasapuri

Rasapuri - Kannada Horror Movies
Image Credit: IMDb
Cast Manish Arya
Sree Hari
Crew Director: A. Manju Daivagnya
Release 2016
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A stunning masterpiece that features a loving couple looking for a home. Soon they contact an astrologer who tells them an intriguing tale. The film received many positive reviews from the public as well as the critics. Manish Arya, Poornima has been cast in a leading role. 

4. Pathala Mohini 

Pathala Mohini Horror Movie
Image Credit: IMDb
Cast Vanisri
M.N. Lakshmi Devi
Pratima Devi
Crew Director: S.N. Singh
Release 1965
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If you are looking for a good demon-god fantasy movie then this one is right on your alley. It revolves around a nymph demi-god from the realm of Pathala. A classic masterpiece that made national headlines back in the time. To this day, the movie is mentioned whenever the horror genre is discussed. 

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3. Mandyada Hudugru

Kannada Horror Movies
Image Credit: IMDb
Cast Ashika
Manasina Putaddalli
Crew Director: Harshita Chitralaya Srinvas
Release 2016
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A group of friends decides to go on a trip. Things take a drastic turn when one by one they start to go missing. Watch the movie to see how the drama unfolds. 

2. Mummy Save Me

Mummy Save Me
Image Credit: IMDb
Cast Priyanka Upendra
Yuvina Parthavi
K.S. Sridhar
Crew Director: H. Lohith
Release 2016
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A 7-month pregnant lady along with her 6-year-old daughter move into an old villa in Goa. At first, things go smoothly but with time they realize something is lurking behind the dark shadows. Priyanka Upendra and Yuvina Parthavi will be seen in a leading role. It is directed by Lohith H. 

1. No Entry

No Entry
Image Credit: IMDb
Cast Lohit Murthy
Nutan Murthy
Ajay Neenasam
Crew Director: Yashas
Release 2016
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The Kannada horror genre is generally talked about. But this one surely put it on the map. The film has received many favourable reviews with many appreciating the commendable performance of the cast. The plotline has a nail-biting suspense that will keep you hooked to your TV screens. 

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