6 Best Sales Coaching Tools For Field Sales Managers

Nearly 60% of sales reps say they will leave their job if their manager doesn’t train them properly as per reports. What’s the takeaway here? Sales is a job that requires consistent effort and upskilling. One cannot improve his selling skills if he is not trained well in his organization. Without sales training, his career growth may get affected and become stagnant with no scope for improvement.

To overcome this, it is essential to improve your sales team’s performance periodically and identify the training needs. Investing in sales training is the best way to form a highly skilled sales team and eventually get higher ROI. Today, there are numerous sales coaching tools available from which we have picked the best 6 for you to know in detail. Here you go.

Top Sales Coaching Tools For Field Sales Managers

Based on the features, pricing, reviews and use cases, here is a list of some of the best sales coaching tools that every sales professional needs:

  1. Chorus.ai

Chorus.ai by Zoominfo lets you capture and analyze every customer call, meeting, and email. It helps salespeople identify the factors behind winning or losing a deal. Call recording and instant transcription features create visibility and drive their performance to the next level. Conversation intelligence further helps in maintaining customer relationships and understanding the trends.

For a sales team, every customer interaction counts. What could be better sales coaching than getting insights from customer interactions, agree? You can also plan and set up coaching activities and give personalized feedback through this tool. So, next time you think about giving sales training tips to your team, consider Chorus.ai.

Sales enablement & Revenue productivity platform, as their tagline says, Mindtickle follows a Go-To-Market strategy (GTM) to make your sales employees market-ready. Their sales coaching methodologies empower your sales reps with continuous learning and implementation.

The key highlights like the Readiness Index which displays your sales team’s skill levels and Asset Hub to understand your target market make this tool unique.

Mindtickle is an individualized sales coaching platform that focuses on flexible and easily adaptable learning modules. It gives complete visibility to the managers and lets them give customized training to the team members. Sales reps can also participate in live challenges to prove their skills.

Gong is an AI-based sales coaching tool that decrypts customer interaction to get actionable insights on deals, productivity, and strategies. From video calls to emails and marketing messages, it tracks all your customer touch points and derives data to identify patterns. Gong gives you a holistic view of your sales team and the target customers. This tool makes it easy for your sales team to learn, adapt, upskill, and achieve their sales goals on time.

Get deals close faster with this conversation intelligence tool. Clari Copilot identifies the potential blockers in the sales funnel, gives alerts in dashboards, and guides your sales team through the next best steps to be taken. The best sales coaching features in Clari are monologue alert, team insights dashboard, talk:listen ratio, smart follow-ups, interactivity scores, customized call scoring, etc. Worth exploring this tool if you are looking for a sales representative.

ExecVision is a coaching intelligence tool that helps your field sales reps get actionable insights that improve their overall performance. The key highlights of this tool are coaching plans, annotating conversations, customizable scorecards, performance dashboards, and so on. The users can get feedback from their managers and can also self-review their performance thus creating maximum visibility of their work.

From training your client-facing teams to inspiring them to perform well, Brainshark does it all. Readiness scorecards, sales coaching, and practice, training & onboarding are some of the highlights of this platform. Machine analysis and scoring features give instant feedback to your sales reps which improves their performance over time. Get your resources to perform at their best with Brainshark.

Key Takeaways

A sales team needs continuous support and guidance from sales managers to improve their skills such as communication, negotiation, relationship management, etc. Sales coaching tools are of great help to sales managers in providing the necessary assistance to evaluate and analyze the sales team’s performance. Leverage the benefits of the above best sales coaching tools and get more deals closed. 

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