GTA 6 Leaked Footage Case: 18-Year-Old Hacker Sent To Hospital Prison Indefinitely Under A Threat To Cyber World

Who doesn’t know about ‘GTA 6’ already? The newest version of the game is all set to release in 2025. The trailer was out a few days back which led to a lot of people reminiscing about their childhood and several got their hopes up to buy the version and play it earlier than others!

GTA 6 Leaked Footage Case: 18-Year-Old Hacker Sent To Hospital Prison

Behind the launch of a game, the development, thought process, and even the costumes of the character a lot of work goes in. The social media and PR teams need to work according to curate the drop days to generate more public interest regarding this.

However Lapsus$ hacker Arion Kurtaj allegedly hacked into the service of Rockstar Games and leaked 60 of their footage and sexiry codes online. This leak cost the company a whooping hit of $5 million. Kurtaj is an autistic man, who is a high risk to the cyber society because of his hacking skills.

He will be under strict observation at the mental hospital indefinitely until the hospital gives off a waiver and he can be free. According to a mental health professional, Kurtaj is already planning his next attack as soon as he’s out of the hospital prison for what he did.

He is considered mentally unfit due to his autism and is perceived as a threat to people online. Hours after this incident, another Lapsus$ hacker, a 7-year-old, was also found guilty of hacking into the system, according to the Southwark Crown Court.

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As the trailer had already gone viral the cyber defence team made sure the leak of other videos did not have much impact on the face of the company. The trailer which was released by Rockstar Games was scheduled for way later. However, due to a post that got leaked and was making rounds on Twitter, they posted it on the official page earlier than schedule.

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